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Wander Note #2

Wander note #2: New Mom's Dilemma

When you first had your baby, friends without kids may have drifted away, wondering how their engaging, curious friend got replaced by a baby-talking, fawning, sleep-deprived robot. Similarly, when you jump into start-up mode, every brain cell and spare moment is dedicated to succeeding. Soon you’ve lost any friends who survived your baby obsession. Don’t worry; you will survive the early years of playgroups and funding cycles thanks to new friends with same-age kids, and the support of other female entrepreneurs. (source: mindbodygreen)
My note:

Told you so... being a new mom kinda change a whole of you. You might still befriend with your old pals but they will never understand some struggles that can only be understood by another moms. Simple example when my friends ask me to go out at night occasionally and without plan.
I can-not!
I need to arrange Alyaka's needs first. I have to make sure that her caregiver is available (its my mums and f…

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