Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grey's Anatomy

drape dress, GOSH bag, GOSH wedges, HoM turqoise and chain
going to spend my Thursday at EFFECTS cafe, which you can get 50% discount off by showing your student card. Craving for some chocolate... Nom nom ;9

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

being a collegian is not as easy as you think, dude. It's just sooooooooooooooooo hard if you don't put all of your commitments and efforts. phew.


its funny when my ex's current girlfriend is still hates me even when I try to be nice to her. Like, what is your problem? If I could help you go tell me, are you just not happy with your life? You love fashion, so do i. Why can't we be friend instead of foe?

Monday, March 28, 2011


Just finished making a scrapbook for my bestie Nanda 8 months anniversary with Jerry. So happy that she like it!!! Please don't show it to her boyfriend before the date awright?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

trying to looked cute by wearing this white ruffles chiffon top. Do I :?
it's Sunday Afternoon!


J.U.S.T T-Shirt. Revlon nail polish.
Being so in a bad mood lately. So i boost my mood with nail polish. I color it red, BRIGHT red. Like, really BRIGHT. hah don't care. By the way, just know that some of my page viewers are looking continuously on my blog. Enjoy! And remember one of my favorite quotes from Mbak Meritha,
People always talk. Wear what you wanna wear, Give them something to talk about.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Have you seen this movie? My friend once said "ah EPL jelek! udah antisipasi tinggi soalnya syuting di Bali. Ceritanya ga bagus gituuu" SALAH BESAAAAAR! aku pertamanya udah baca bukunya dulu... Dan waktu itu aku pikir "uh. quite inspirational". One of my favorite quote is "Attraversiamo" which is Italiano for "Let's cross over" atau "Mari menyeberang". Menyeberang disini artinya banyak... Bisa menyeberang dari kehidupan membosankan ke kehidupan menyenangkan. Menyeberang dari jauhnya hati kepada Tuhan ke kedekatan spiritual (halah) dan menyeberang dari kurangnya pemenuhan kebutuhan afektif kepada terpenuhinya kebutuhan afektif... Like what's happened with Elizabeth Gilbert the author. Yang jelas film ini bikin aku rethink sama hidupku yg sekarang, and cynically I havent had courage to change it. Sigh.


just read a blog by one of my friend, ekawan. BOY you seriously have a talent on writing! hahaha. keep going, God speed!

Judging is the easiest thing to do

Jejaring sosial baru yang bikin banyak masalah kalo kita terlalu idealis di dalemnya. masalah follow-unfollow, kadang bikin pertemanan yang kalo di dunia nyata 'hangat' , 'baik', jadi jutek-jutekan, ga tegur sapa, jadi diomong-omongin. Padahal buat aku -waktu aku follow seseorang- itu berarti tweetenya menarik, inspirasional, seru, lucu, dan menghibur. Tapi waktu aku unfollow seseorang, berarti menurutku ada tiga kemungkinan:
  1. Dia terlalu sering nge-tweete. Misal nih ya tiap menit bisa 2 tweete baru. Lah penuh banget dong TL-ku sama kamu aja. :P
  2. Dia terlalu banyak kasi energi negative. Contohnya jelek-jelekin orang, ngomongin hal-hal ga penting, omongannya kasar, pesimis, GALAU terus menerus berkepanjangan (Like, can't you stop thinking about love for just a second??)
  3. chatting using RT instead of Reply.
Tapi ya itu aja. aku unfollow mereka sebagai 'mereka' di twitter, bukan sebagai 'mereka', individu yang aku kenal sehari-hari. Dan bukan berarti aku sebel sama mereka... Ga bisa juga dong nge-judge mereka emang ky gitu kalo ketemu langsung. Siapa tau mereka menarik sebagai individu, cuma pernah denger kan kalo negative energy is contagious? NAH! mungkin aja nih mereka ky gitu karena ga selektif juga sama siapa yg mereka follow... dan jadi ketularan :? Tapi aku berharap kalo pun aku unfollow seseorang, jangan sampe dia bawa-bawa ke kehidupan nyata. Well, whatever happen on twitter, stay on twitter. Dan aku juga ga pernah jadi kesel beneran sama temen-temenku yang aku unfollow... aku juga ga marah gantian kalo ada yang unfollow aku. I always afraid to losing friends, because if one gone, they are irreplaceable. Kalo ada yang tersinggung apa ga setuju sama postingan saya yg ini, gpp kok kalo mau ngomong langsung. Saya nulis juga karena ini blog, blog saya sendiri. And i just try to express how i feel and how I'm thinking about something. Dan buat temen-temen yang gantian unfollow aku karena aku unfollow... Aku minta maaf ya kalo menyinggung kalian. Love you. Jadi... Aku cuma berharap aja mereka ga nge-judge aku cuma karena masalah follow-unfollow ini. This is twitter, why so serious?


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I remember a song from MOCCA band which i like so much.
If anyone, can fill my heart with joy and happiness and cast away all of my loneliness always there beside me when I'm down and never left my face with a frown It's you yes it's you a friend who can make it all come true it's true, yes it is true a friend in need is a friend indeed When you're around i wrap myself in a pearly smile When you're around you light the bulb inside my head When you're around i laugh and sing and kiss the ground...
i used to have many best friend as I graduated and go to a new school, so I find new people and if it clicked, they'll become my bestie. But some remains as a true best friend, like Syifa and Elsa... we grow up together from the first grade on elementary school and still keep in touch until now. If i could say, they always love me thou sometimes we get busy with our own activities... but if i need them, they'll be ready :) And some i met when i was a TEENager (argh, suck 20) and become my best till now. They are Rayi, Nanda, and Tia. Our relationship is kinda strange. Sometimes we fight, sometimes we're go along more than a lover, sometimes we forget each other... But on my deepest heart we understand in a weird way that, nobody could replace other position. I love them :)
Nanda, Rayi, me, Tia
And i get kinda disappointed with my college life. No, not because I don't enjoy it, but I get slipped at first, i choose wrong person to be closed with. I won't mention her name... i won't. It's just enough to know that she's a fake person and get jealous easily with my life. Idk, maybe she isn't happy with her own life. But i pray the best for her and I don't hate her. But then i met this amazing people... i will mention them all, they are Melisa, Ium, Tiko, Ruth, Sasha, Ichi, Upick, Momo, Ayunda, Nur, Vandi, Brian,and Reza... with the rest i am close too but with these special persons, unique bonds are created.
Melisa, Ium, Ruth, Ichi, Upick, Me
Ichi, Ium, me, Melisa, Monica, Sasha, Ririn, Ayu, Hana, Eka, Ruth, Upik, Brian
Like Siti Nurhaliza said "Takkan mungkin kita bertahan hidup dalam kesendirian..." Friendship is real. Cheesy, but it's true.

Thursday, March 17, 2011



last saturday i eat bebek goreng pak slamet. like... whut? tumbeeeeeeeeeeeen. abis itu jengukin mas Giri di RS. not in a good mood for blogging but still, i have to keep it update for my own sake. ciao!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


"Inspirations come from the unexpected places, unexpected times" that's what Ruth said.
 P.S : I colored it myself using Photoshop CS2


tunic : bluebelle | bag : mayonette | stocking : banana | heels : GOSH

Friday, March 11, 2011

RAISA 18th

Yeay! family time to celebrate my sissy 18th birthday at Candi Resto. too bad i didn't photographed at all since I'm the photographer :_( ( March 6th 2011- sorry too late to post it :p)
the Birthday Girl, Raisa Rahma Agitya. and the kind staffs of Candi Resto gave her a multicolor drink for free!
my brother Fadel Muhammad and my 3rd sissy Amanda Priscilla.
My 2nd sissy Diana Sartika, Mom, Dad, and the eldest Astrid Varadilla.
My nephew, Muhammad Rifky Effendi and my niece, Nazanin Fatima Parsha.
This is my parents... Two that made it happen :)) Mom Tatik Herawati and Dad Asrul Ilyas.


buying some stuff. and hope i won't regret it :p
statement ring - Ichi's
and what da ya think about my new contact lenses?



addicted to pringles lately. could someone die due to over consume these products? :$


Thursday, my lecturer Mr. Andrik played a very good movie for us in the class, titled "CHOCOLAT" (means chocolate, Paris) and suddenly i remembered about a cafe that make a delicious chocolate snack, COKLAT cafe in Yogyakarta. Aw! me want! 


I really hate myself for being such the most annoying person in this universe, according to my habit while I'm on PMS. I don't think -for me- PMS is stand for "Pra Menstruasi Sindrome" (in English : Pre-Menstruation Syndrome ) but Permission Man's Slaughter! and i did such a fool thing in the world... 

Thursday, March 10, 2011


i wanna share my experience when i went to Sumatra last year. But too bad i just have a few photos here, the others are already on my tumblr. you could check there but i think it'll be fun if i repost it on my blog. These are the photos of me and my siblings at South Sumatra, Ampera Bridge.


I miss having a long trip, eat coconut ice and laughing while playing sand and water I miss beach.


THE CURE FROM HIGH LEVEL BAD MOOD : watermelon and oreo.



Monday, February 7th 2011 my lecturer, Mr.Hamid gave me a photography task. I had to take picture with analog camera which I dislike since i Failed to make a successful one when i was in Basic Training FFC (Fisip Fotografi Club)
But after i took some photos and see how's it going... WAW I WAS SO AMAZED! ALhamdulillah Ya Allah... Beautiful pictures are created :)
And this is my bestie Ruth... so funny i was focusing on her nose xixixi


sitting on my cushion, have nothing to do... Thanks God you sent me to a happy family, beautiful parents. I really enjoy my life :)