I remember a song from MOCCA band which i like so much.
If anyone, can fill my heart with joy and happiness and cast away all of my loneliness always there beside me when I'm down and never left my face with a frown It's you yes it's you a friend who can make it all come true it's true, yes it is true a friend in need is a friend indeed When you're around i wrap myself in a pearly smile When you're around you light the bulb inside my head When you're around i laugh and sing and kiss the ground...
i used to have many best friend as I graduated and go to a new school, so I find new people and if it clicked, they'll become my bestie. But some remains as a true best friend, like Syifa and Elsa... we grow up together from the first grade on elementary school and still keep in touch until now. If i could say, they always love me thou sometimes we get busy with our own activities... but if i need them, they'll be ready :) And some i met when i was a TEENager (argh, suck 20) and become my best till now. They are Rayi, Nanda, and Tia. Our relationship is kinda strange. Sometimes we fight, sometimes we're go along more than a lover, sometimes we forget each other... But on my deepest heart we understand in a weird way that, nobody could replace other position. I love them :)
Nanda, Rayi, me, Tia
And i get kinda disappointed with my college life. No, not because I don't enjoy it, but I get slipped at first, i choose wrong person to be closed with. I won't mention her name... i won't. It's just enough to know that she's a fake person and get jealous easily with my life. Idk, maybe she isn't happy with her own life. But i pray the best for her and I don't hate her. But then i met this amazing people... i will mention them all, they are Melisa, Ium, Tiko, Ruth, Sasha, Ichi, Upick, Momo, Ayunda, Nur, Vandi, Brian,and Reza... with the rest i am close too but with these special persons, unique bonds are created.
Melisa, Ium, Ruth, Ichi, Upick, Me
Ichi, Ium, me, Melisa, Monica, Sasha, Ririn, Ayu, Hana, Eka, Ruth, Upik, Brian
Like Siti Nurhaliza said "Takkan mungkin kita bertahan hidup dalam kesendirian..." Friendship is real. Cheesy, but it's true.


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