Friday, April 29, 2011


it's friday and my lecturer is off. so it means..... i have a day FULL doin nothing. phew. just remembered i had some magazines that I haven't read... and read it with snacks (as usual) OH! today is Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding day... i'm watching it live while i write this post. and so happy seeing this couple.
and i've just changed my blog template. is it better or is it worst? lemme know! haha

Thursday, April 28, 2011


its already thursdaaaaaaay! yeay so happy because tomorrow is friday. so tired having the meeting for Public Relation Division FFC and then go home, bath, and wearing this outfit for girl's evening out at Papa Ron's :D
printed chiffon dress (post mode), GOSH bag
Also can't wait for this Saturday! woohoo. me and my classmates is going to have an outbound. It'll be FUN! amiin.
Always thank to Allah SWT for everything...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


white cropped top (femme dloops), electric blue tanktop (banana), ripped jeans(banana), wedges bellagio, GOSH bag, casio watch.
Nemenin Ibu jalan-jalan,ini terakhir kalinya pake cropped top sebelum ngecilin peruuut! tiap kali tangan naik otomatis jadi mbenerin baju, sampe sampe ibu iseng bilang di depan mbaknya bodyshop "ini kurus ya, cuma perutnya njembling banget." -____- Sebenernya mau ke Body and Mind tp takutnya tar ga rutin, jd aku latian sendiri deh. Intinya latian kardio aja kaya lari, jogging, apa sepedaan 4 kali seminggu sama latian otot perut *brb download tutorial* WISH ME LUCK! AND #prayfortania'sflattummy

Monday, April 25, 2011


OK. now i'm jealous.source:
aaa but i should admit it, they look good and cute together. Go Pique, find the best woman for the rest of your life *rolling on the floor crying* by the way. is it just me or you guys also think that sometimes, Shakira looks like Giuliana Rancic?
you could buy me Madame by Jean Paul Gaultier. I have the 4ml from Alief who went to Paris (oooh soo kind) and i love it so much. Get bored with princess perfume like my Paris Hilton heiress. I think this perfume represents my character and my taste perfectly.
ads with Agyness Deyn and of course Papa Jean

Saturday, April 23, 2011

EFFECTS (again)

went to Effects with mom and my sisters. had sooo much fun! my 2nd sisters will marry on July and we're so anxious and happy about that. We have so much fun deciding the color of our kebaya. First we went to Red Rose (Cik Ninik) for having some counseling to decide which style we wear and then to Garden. aaaa heaven! seeing so many colorful and different materials is something that make me happy. And mixing-matching the colors is FUN (at least for me, but not for Chachu -__-) Suddenly it's 6 pm and we're already hungry. Then we went to EFFECTS and having some mother-sisters quality time together. too bad Uni Rory couldn't join us. Alhamdulillah for Yesterday :)

Friday, April 22, 2011


NYLON Aprol 2011 rocks. Music editions and there are a lot indie musicians: bottlesmoker , risa sarasvati, L'Alphalpha , etc. Should read this! thanks a lot to mbak Meyitha who has recommended this magazine for me :) btw I've wanted this wedges for sooo long. and finally...have a wonderful looong weekend guys! xoxo

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


converse casual sneaker, lace black top (HoM), jeans jacket, flashy bag.


Completing my photography task, i went to Waroeng Gayeng on Friday with ChaCha. So glad that the manager store let me took some pictures there and the staffs are so kind and generous. They helped me a lot and being so cooperative. When I was going to take their photo, I said "Just act naturally, okay" and they laughed :)) sooo happy. Thanks!me with 'salad buah'. healthy!"Roti bakar boto" and Hot Chocolate :9
good time, good place, happy people! THANKSS


Thursday, April 7, 2011

ADUH! Kesian :(

This is the most matching quotes i'll give to you:
"Plagiatisme adalah bentuk penghargaan tertinggi"
so... either you spying my blog, you didn't follow me but keep clicking '' every single time you online, keep following my blog's style, adding features like mine, and uploading pictures that similar to me... I tell you something: YOU ADMIRE ME, BUT YOU AFRAID TO ADMIT IT. and i know it'll be hard for you to always follow me because I'm completely far above you. Don't be jealous, don't cry. Keep moving! keep being my shadows! God knows what's inside of your head. Good Luck little girl, may you have strength and courage to find your OWN STYLE, either following mine. Otherwise, if you read it I'' tell you something: NO OFFENSE :))


it's my baby 5th birthdaaay! I designed a supercute invitation for her friends and she was so excited about that. Look how fast she grows :') No matter what, aunty will always love youuuu :* by the way, apparently she attracted to photography as well as her aunt. This is the picture of her, holding a camera and took photos of my room :))

Monday, April 4, 2011


Kickfest hit Jogja at Jogja Expo Center, April 1st-3rd 2011. I went on the second day and bought some stuff i love, like flashy bag and scarfs, and Dloops top. The crowd was epic! and the atmosphere was soo tremendous. Go youth! Go local Clothing! see you next year, KICK( Kreative Independent Clothing Komunity) But so bad i didnt take pictures of the crowd. So busy taking my own picture with Fadel :p hihi