Bee. Oh, Bee.

I'm so fuckin sleepy rite now but I can't sleep on my own room. Why can't I? because there's a bee. yes, BEE. This kind of phobia is called 'Apiphobia' and i don't clearly remember since when i get such an annoying phobia. However, i can't be so mad... because at the same time, I'm extremely happy right now. Why Happy? BECAUSE MY SHOE IS ALREADY ARRIVED! yeeeeaaay. I'll upload the picture later. And finally, after years of big expenses of soft lenses... I've finally decided to buy glasses. Like a real glasses we use to read, drive, walk. Like the one that i have to wear it all the time... because S has said for million times "love your eyes, buy glasses". And Sir, Yes, Sir! it's Ray Ban actually. I took my mom yesterday but it seems like a failure, because she bought a ray ban sun glasses that costs almost 1 million IDR. Mom, that's not even necessary... LOL. Bye Guys, enjoy your weekend. maybe I'll make a post tonight, because mbak Jenisa will take the photos of me and my boyfriend for her KMDGI competition, this evening. Wish us luck, and i wish you all a happy weekend! <3


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