A day off.

Thanks a lot to Oh La Vita Resto for your positive feedback :) Glad to hear those comments from you. Love Love! i have to tell you guys i have a day off today... (Read: HAVE NOTHING TO DO) and to kill my time and bad mood, i eat chocolate pudding that i made by myself. (Do you guys believe me? oh Thanks! it's Emak actually :p)
just to show you guys how full my schedule is... i took some pictures of the Up Birds, flying here and there. hahaha. Diana Rikasari is a genius for creating such a cute design that match to every background. Now, this Up birds is the one and only fellow i have :( aaaaaaaa alone. I should go outside and looking for some activities instead of nagging to everyone, begging them to leave their duties and chat with me. Poooorr Tania. in the end, i hope you guys enjoy your Thursday. Don't forget to join Solo Last Friday tomorrow. See ya!
source: http://lockerz.com/s/104607058 (mas Giri's twitter account)


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