letter to you.

according to Ms. Diana Rikasari's tweete (see my favorites here )
"It's funny how people put so much energy in being negative and angry. We might just die tomorrow, you know? enjoy."
That's what I'm thinking rite now... I hate several people and I used to showed it to them, but apparently it became a new problem. Like for example, i hate this girl (em, not 'hate' but much like a strong dislike towards her) she's a new girlfriend of my Ex that i had been broke up for YEARS. I was acting so nice to her, I care like elder sister to her younger since our boyfriends is still being friend. But what did I get in return? She's jealous to me! She put so much efforts to become me. And that's what somebody be when they get so much dislike feeling to other people. If I could say to her: Thank's for making me the center of your attention.
She did plagiarism, even talked about me behind my back with her friend.She even persuade some of my friend to think about me just the way she thinks about me. I never did that. I never cared about her, even thought about her ( Why should I? LOL). but seems like she and her friend just care about me. Even making features and social media which is similar to mine, doing things like mine, buying stuffs like mine...
I told about this stories to my friend, Like Ruth, Ganis, Manda, and all said in common : Upgrade it. Go faster and faster. Have something that they couldn't be able to follow. Make something that make them difficult to copy. and yes... i did it. Dude, seriously if you read this: There's a thick line between 'INSPIRED by' and 'COPY'.
That's what I'm saying. Just be yourself. Don't put so much energy to me. We all could die tomorrow. Believe in Karma.
with lots of love to Ms.R and Ms.L, Tania <!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 .


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