Random Days

Hey guys... How's your Friday? Mine is not so-good, but not so-bad too. today is started with a bad news from Godean, Jogjakarta, where my sister's mother in-law live. She passed away yesterday, and today i came there for her funeral... So sad. She's a good woman, even maybe the purest woman I've ever known. May She rests in peace. Amin. On our way there, me and my family went to Parsleys for some drinks and to release our hunger. Heheh
What makes me feel sad is the fact that i couldn't join Solo last Friday today. I really want to go home earlier, but My Dad mom and my sisters still wanna go around Jogjakarta... And i was so childish because i cried while saying "I want to go home, i want to ride my bike." After I realize and do a flashback to this evening, I laugh so hard hahaha. at least, i still be able to have the family quality time :) there's always something good behind every bad things that's not according to our plan.
in the end, I hope you guys enjoying your weekend and full-days off next week. Smile!


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