Solo Batik Carnival

Went to SBC #4 with Papa, Ibu, Chacha and Fadel! Yaaaay. I'm so excited because it was the first time in history that Solo Batik Carnival was held at night.  We went there by foot (yes~ cause my father is walking-freak) and considering the parking area that would be definitely CROWD and we wouldn't be able to park the car safely. So, let's go walk... Laweyan to Purwosari isn't that far. yeah you know.
the crowd. Seems like the half of the citizens attend this event. P.S : I'm at the starting point, bet the finish or near Solo Grand Mall ways more crowded.
Fadel, Ibu, Papa, and Me <3

my best shot so far hahaha
On the way back, around 8.30 pm, we decided to have snacks in Kopitiam Oey. We ordered tea for papa, teh talua bukittinggi for Ibu, mint tea for me, wedang dongo for chachu, and milo dinosaur for my lil bro. And also french fries, kroket Belanda, lumpia Semarang, Canai kari, and... Oh I forgot the name. That's the bread with smoked beef and cheese. Can't recall that.
kroket BelandaMy siblings <3
In the end, doesn't even matter if you have leg cramps, the smell of the smoke around your body or even sleepy face, the quality time with family always be number ONE. Family comes FIRST! yeeeaaaaaaaaah Goodbye mates. Wish you a lovely weekend :)


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