Jelajah Jawa Timur

To be honest I'm so tired tonight. But these are what you get... If you insisted to write a post. Don't care about the arranging, I just upload photos and will explain it randomly... Are we cool? :p

I started with last Ied Day, it was so nice and on the 3rd day I went to East Java with Papa, Ibu, Chacha, Aldo, and Fadel. It's a trip with no plan, we just spontaneously planned to go. Papa always call it "ngoboi" (from 'nge' plus cowboy) hahaha. Thursday 1st of September, we started our trip and reached Surabaya on the night. Friday, we went to Suramadu bridge and had a mall-vacation. The third day was epic, cuz I talked about Jatim Park I, II, and Batu Night Spectacular. And on 4th September we went home and finally home... Thanks to my Family, and of course Allah SWT for this beautiful days :)

Me (shaking hands with the tiger LOL) and Chacha at Jatim Park 1

 proudly present... Indonesian butterflies!

 I just lovee the electric blue colors

Fadel, Chu, and Me

 Lumpur Lapindo. take a look at the gas! scary. and it was extremely stinky... 15meters high with 1,5 kilometers, this village is completely gone :(

 Be careful cuz the stairs is dangerous. And for having incomes, people there make the ex-village as a vacation destination. To go up there, my family need to paid 50K for 6 people.

 Hotel Grand Palace at Malang. It has a renaissance style and I love it :)

 the tornado at Monumen Kapal Selam. It's equal to one mercy car! *the guide said*

 Monumen Kapal Selam aka MONKASEL at Surabaya

closer look. Lumpur Lapindo.
 You should really try this! An original Soto Lamongan :9

 Jembatan Suramadu

 He's a native Indian musician (right). You know, listening him playing Indian music... it's magic.

 Me and My Family plus the couple :p

Chachu and Fadel riding an Orbiter. Me and Aldo? We like our feet still on the ground, please.

 I nagged to my Mom "buy me this little cute baby tiger" Haha

this animal, I finally see it live after watch it only on Animal Planet

 my outfits for two days

 we took  silly photos in front of the deer. Which one is the best? ;p

 This picture, I took it from above the BNS when I was riding ALI BABA. Look, even the speed couldn't catch it. And I almost pee on my pants haha

 Amazing lampions

Chachu. She's really an adrenaline junkie -_-


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