Sunday, October 30, 2011

Solo Moslem Look @SGM

 Dapet giliran jaga stand hari Sabtu pagi. walaupun masih ngantuk tetep semangat jaga.. hehe. Sori telat ngepostnya.

my SML fellas :)

New Life, New Beginning

Hai dolls. Happy to say 'hi' again after such a long time... Yes I bring these good news for y'all. First, I'm officially wear hijab started on October 25th. That was a hectic day because at the same time, my brother crashed ma car and it's now unshaped. But fortunatelly the insurance is all-risk. Say "Alhamdulillah"... :)

 me and my sister, Raisa. She wore hijab before me! :p

And second... My sister gave birth of this pretty baby named NADIA ATTAR RAHMANI :) happy! Hope these will bring a lot of happines.

Much Love,

Monday, October 10, 2011


DIY headband property of our instructional video that Myda wore for the sports scenes

Okay. I'm still struggling with endless duties at my campus aaaand the extras etcs I join. Glad that Mediasi has over (fyi I was a coordi for the Group 10 and I feel like someone added 10 bros and sisters all of sudden. They're cute and I Love them!) but too bad I couldn't be there at day 2 because me and Reza had to tape our video task with group 3. And so far, this was the best teamwork ever for me. Oh btw I uploaded the pictures on my FB!

My friend has asked me a question. "Tania, do you really love red?"
Eh, isn't that obvious?? ME LOOOOOVE THIS COLOR!

But thank God I still be able to manage myself for buying over-red stuff.s That will be over-energetic and I will be over-acting and my family will be over-worry and my friends will be over-annoyed and my boyfriend will be over-speechless. Add anything after the over, cause Red is always about over.



Sunday, October 2, 2011

What do you guys think if I change my web address to ?

It Takes Two

Hi dolls! Sorry for the long time absence. It's been a quite buzz-ee week for me for being multitasking collegian. Video, Advertising, and Journalism rookie plus Sponsorship for Pameran Besar FFC UNS. I never thought that these will take almost all of my time. I don't even have leisure time, but I'm cool as long as It's positive :)

waisiwyg printed and sheer top. Missisipi black outer. unbranded jegging. Gosh bag. UP wedges

because Ein Halid just unexpectedly replied my tweete... OMG like seriously. It's Ein Halid. Editor in Chief of NYLON Indonesia. And OMG she's talking to me. And OMG, look what she's promised to me. Oh My God.

Just pray for my Ad tasks!
Have a wonderful week, Soldiers!