Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cirebon - Sukabumi - Bandung :)

I know it seems too late to post about it but anyway I wanna share my holiday in Cirebon-Sukabumi-Bandung .Went there by car that took 9 hours and finally we'd arrived in Cirebon. The next day we went to Sukabumi and then Bandung. Three towns in a row on a week!! Thank you Bapak, Ibu, and Vinaaa ({}) Thanks

 Makan es duren di pasar Cirebon (lupa namanya) enak bener :9

Tante Asep, Vina, and Me at Tahlia Butik

Long Road, Steak, and Loves

Went to Yogyakarta with Mom, Chu. Yeay!

I forget it's full name but Parsley's Spring Steak is really recommended! Yum +1000 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lucky Creature

Came to Solo Moeslemah Look's monthly meeting.Today we had ustadz Jauhari as the speaker and we talked about "Bagaimana muslimah bersikap". Subhanallah, it's really a fascinating topic and I got a lot of knowledge... all moeslimah is a very, very lucky creature. Hope we'll get better day by day :)

unbranded top, unbranded bag, unbranded shawl, MORDU headband, Hardware chino pants, Up Wedges

photos by Sony Wisnu

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pick Me, Me Made with Love

Okay it might sounds full of narcissism but I'm loving my new handmade creation for my intern program this mid-year. I apply to the creative division that requires you to be, as well, creative. So your CV should be extraordinary and not-so-conventional heheh.

I REALLY hope that they'll pick me! *fingercrossed*

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... :)

Happy Chinese New Year!
Dragon Prosperity :)

Btw my niece just had his first hair cut! cute baby Aish, auntie tania wuff yuuuuuu :*

 Wishing you all a prosperity year ahead!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Rifky 6th Birthday!

My nephew, Muhammad Rifky Effendy just had his 6th birthday on 17th January! How the time flies so fast :') I remember the first time I saw him when he just born in this world and I laughed so hard bcause he is so similar to his daddy. You know, one time you're just a teenager, and next your sibling got married and suddenly you became an auntie. And as a result for that, you have to be more responsible for everything you do, cuz now, it's not just you and your parents and your sibling, you have CHILDREN.

Auntie Tania wish list to Cikay:
- Lebih rajin ngaji dan hafal Al Fatihah sama surat-surat pendek.
- Dengerin Ibu dan ga mbantah Ayah lagi.
- Tumbuh jadi anak yang baik, dan kakak yang bisa jaddi panutan buat dedek Inad.

Insya Allah, Amiin :)


Solo City Fashion 2012

Cannot stop saying Alhamdulillah! Akhirnya event yang udah dipersiapin dari lama, Solo City Fashion 2012 resmi dimulai tanggal 19 kemaren. Daan Amanda Raisa dapet kesempatan fashion show hari kedua, tanggal 20. Beribu syukur aku, Uni Manda, Ibu ucapin karena fashion show kita berjalan lancar walaupun sempet under pressured banget pas di backstage. Kita nampilin 14 koleksi dengan dua tema yaitu Colorful Casual and Animal Print (foto-foto pas animal print menyusul asap :p) dibantu model-model dari RS Model (Ida, Diandra, May, Bella, Inna, Devy, Vicha) dan juga backsound oleh DJ Jojo. Untuk sepatu model kita kolaborasi sama Floopy Shoes dan aksesoris kalung dari MORDU necklace (ehem).

don't forget to follow us: @_AmandaRaisa
Wait us for the next event, and thanks for all the supports <3 Me love ya all!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fanisa Reunion! part 2

It's a fun Sunday! Watched Sherlock Holmes with My babes, Elsa and Syifa <3 It's good to have a REAL bestfriend for over 15 years... Gee it's a long looong time aight?

And then we had lunch at Hallo Solo :)
Love you guys. Thankyou for loving me, perfectly :*

Friday, January 13, 2012

HOME! me likey

Had a so much fun vacation with S and his family for a week. post about it later, kay :p

And yesterday evening, I had nothing to do and with my cutie little angel, Sasha, We were photo booth-ing! ahihihi
Take a look at our photos:

Rising Taste Offering!

Hello My dearest readers! It has been a reaaawlllyyyy long time since my last post. Okay, I'm kinda shy to tell you all that I ignored writing, taking pictures, editing and blogging because of no particular reason.
I was so lost. heheh.

Okay, my first comeback post in 2012 is to offer you all a 5% discount to shop in Rising Taste.
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