Fanisa Reunion! part 2

It's a fun Sunday! Watched Sherlock Holmes with My babes, Elsa and Syifa <3 It's good to have a REAL bestfriend for over 15 years... Gee it's a long looong time aight?

And then we had lunch at Hallo Solo :)
Love you guys. Thankyou for loving me, perfectly :*


  1. tan, syifa tu temenmu dari kapan to...?
    btw have you check this..? follow plisss

    *beggin beggin buat di follow :D :p

    1. since first time of elementary school kak ahihihi. oya nin, longlasting pokonya <3

      gleefully gladly happy to see you all babes:* though we rarely meet but it always feel like we never separate deh

  2. sejak 16 tahun yang lalu kak! hahaha.
    @syf: yoih babesss :***


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