Rifky 6th Birthday!

My nephew, Muhammad Rifky Effendy just had his 6th birthday on 17th January! How the time flies so fast :') I remember the first time I saw him when he just born in this world and I laughed so hard bcause he is so similar to his daddy. You know, one time you're just a teenager, and next your sibling got married and suddenly you became an auntie. And as a result for that, you have to be more responsible for everything you do, cuz now, it's not just you and your parents and your sibling, you have CHILDREN.

Auntie Tania wish list to Cikay:
- Lebih rajin ngaji dan hafal Al Fatihah sama surat-surat pendek.
- Dengerin Ibu dan ga mbantah Ayah lagi.
- Tumbuh jadi anak yang baik, dan kakak yang bisa jaddi panutan buat dedek Inad.

Insya Allah, Amiin :)



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