As I write this post, I've already laugh cuz I know it'll be very, very childish to say it on my personal blog. So, someone has picked a fight with a wrong, I tell you baby, wrong person. I'm a kind of girl who is freely expressed what i feel or think about something, and if somebody is messing around with me, they're messing around with the best. Note that.
So it started yesterday when I continuously received pointless broadcast messages. As someone who also continuously disturbed by it, it's my prerogative to even yell, "Hey you people, do i ever reply your bm or even show some interests on it? Stop send it, what on earth!" but instead of doing that, i tweete about it, still with a best manner words i could found on a situation like that. and then, one of my friend bbm-ed me: "Does your tweete refer to 'A' ?" I said it's not her, and why she asked such a question. She said she read bout that girl's tweete that seemed related to mine and how my friend was irritated bout this thing too. And when I checked it, I laughed. Laughed so hard.
Oh okay, so she did think that i talk about HER. eh?
At first it's not a matter for me, but the idea tickled me: "What if I check it with replying her status" So I mock her back nomention-ly and guess what? She DELETED her previous tweetes huahaha. So it's clearly ME she has been talked for over a night through her status updates. I mean come on, mine is not so rude, compare to yours. If you're brave enough to write it, so you must be brave enough to be responsible about it. And please act like an educative people who's not so easy feel and think negative towards other people just by a single criticism they said on a social media like twitter.

Life is short, why so serious? :))

Don't get me wrong, i write it just to make sure she understands my point of you cuz I know she'll read it, and hopefully, understands it. And when the time has finally came, feel free to discuss it together with an open-mind and not just based on an assumption. However I cannot even mad at you cuz you're his relatives and there's some respects left for your family.

by the waaay, i just shortened my hair. How do you guys think about it?


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