Thank Allah I finally found soulmates on this college-thingy! Say hello to my team, Mejiku Adv (it's a mix from English and Bahasa, magic and -ku, which means my magic)

up from left to right:
- Nur Aisyah Rahayu aka Sasya (Research) she's responsible for everything that's related to research: questioner, Focus Group Discussion (FGD) etc etc.
- Brian Radiastra aka Bri (Media) he's the one who is capable on media planning :p say hello to numberssss
- Dian Dwi Saputra aka Di or Yan or man-who-always-wakes-up-late (Art) the artist on the this team! Things that contain with sense and aesthetic is Dian's
- Reza Kurniawan aka Ja' (Copywriter) he's handling the concept and it's application. Plus he always throws sarcastic comments -_-

bottom from left to right:
- Kartikasari Yudaninggar aka Tiko (Creative) along with Dian, tiko has to make sure that the creative concept's application is running smoothly~
- Melisa Dwi Anggraeni aka Memel (Public Relation) if it's about the externs, so it's memel's. plus she's the woman-behind-the-radio-concepts
- Tania Ajani aka Tania (Managing Director) who is... err... should i explain it?

They are my second family. We love each other and support each other (including that time when I'm down and depressed) and we mock each other and tease each other! WUFFYU GUYS SO MUUCH!
Just wish us luck for our presentation!

xoxo, Tania Ajani Ilyas


  1. I love your blog ! Would you like to follow each other ? Just let me know ..




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