BIG think Hot Chocolate Production - Behind the Scenes

Viva La BIG think!
These are some behind the scenes pictures. Wait for behind the scenes video X)

BIG think wanna say a lot of Thank you to:
1. Allah SWT :")
2. Mba Niki and Solo Paragon Hotel & Apartment who gives us permission to shoot there. Thanks a lot!
3. Our endorsers: Feris Fernanda as father, Dian Ayu Purborini as mother and Fabian as the son.
4. Uni Manda as make up artist
5. Sony, Kembaz, Ambar, Gala, Gatut for the cameras and lamps
6. Our parents, for everything!!!
7. Our friends for the supports and helps
8. Our campus, UNS
9. Other people we might forget to mention but gave us a big help... Can't stop saying Thank you.

And again, we should fight for the evaluation ahead and there's still a PSA we haven't record yet. Wish us luck! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim...


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