Courage & Coward

See the bigger picture. That's what Miranda Bailey says on Grey's Anatomy.

I have tried to apply it on my daily life, seeing the bigger picture help us to keep things simple and easier to find a way out. I try everyday.

I hope someone DOES that too.

This is tickling me, how someone should has a courage to say whatever he thinks about me, or about our relationship, or about what perspective he/she has towards me as self. To have courage to answer the calls, to reply texts, to at least appreciate other people's efforts to make things clear. I will respect them more if they say everything they want to say- even if it's bitter, or sweet- directly to me. But hope is just a hope, if someone especially a man does that, i think he has no courage. If it's by phone or text he's still scared to face me, what if we meet? Could he look in to my eyes?

This is your choice, to have courage or to be a coward. It's all yours to choose.
Good night.


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