Friday, November 30, 2012


Lemme introduce you all to the newest group in the town... SML 48! hehehh
Actually we just have  funny intention to copy JKT48, but this one we have is a side project of Solo Moslem Look Community :p

Our first performance was at Kak Tita's wedding on November 17th and it turned out to be... success (?) Hahaha.

I told you, it's just our funny project :D


Just got back from a almost 2 months hiatus, well there, Hello!
Well, I have some favor to ask my dear reader... So I've been joining this #ApaIdemu competition along with my 2 fellas, Tiko and Ichi.
So, I need (and beg) you all to just click this link and vote for me.
See the video I've made!