Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Burpday HN

Happy Birthday my dear honey darling sayang baby doll boo Hafidz Novalsyah! I hope as you grow older, you get wiser and happier and love me more and more everyday... Have a HN's way of living sayang, and enjoy the ride on our roller coaster :)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bogor for mon anniversaire

Got a super sweet escape to Bogor with mi boyfriend. We went to Taman Safari and Kebun Raya Bogor... the highlight of the trip was having a lunch at Dedaunan Resto (inside the Kebun Raya area) to celebrate mi 23rd birthday heheh.

And then when we went back to Jakarta my boyfriend surprised me with a cake and candles while we're at the Kopi Oey Sabang... My face just turned all red and i was so happy yet shy hahaha
Thank you for the adventure, HN! see you on the next trip :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Diss Stance

I said distance is just a pretty meaningless numeric thing.

I was wrong.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A peach flavoured Bubblegum

Long holiday! 100% long, and gabut, and unproductive... Have I tell you that i finally made decision to take the international program at ESMOD Jakarta? Yes, it's not like i do it only for my parents, no... Being a collegian at ESMOD used to be my #1 dream after I graduated from SHS. I take the Fashion Business Program, not the fashion design program because i think it's more relevant with my communication theories (you know, branding, positioning, advertising etc etc)

It's only 2 weeks remaining. At some point I can wait to start my class, live in the capital city again, and meet new friends and new environment. But on the other side i also feel sad leaving Solo and my home, parents, family, friends, and of course my boyfriend...... but again and again, i must grow up.

To all of you who'll start a new chapter in your life: BE OPTIMIST! All is well... may the force be with you all :*

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Hi dolls how's your Eid Ul Fithr holiday?
Mine, if i could say, was Fantastic.

So D+2 my father decided to drove us to Purbalingga where my Pa Tuo, Pa Angah, and Pa Etek live. With no plan (as usual) we brought 3 pairs of clothes and the trip started! We follow the route that  HN gave to us, and because Purbalingga is after Banjarnegara (where HN comes from) so my family decided to stop by at Banjar and went to his home hhahaa...

Imagine how it turned out to be :D

Friday, August 9, 2013

EID MUBARAK, dolls! Taqabalallahu Minnaa wa Minkum, Shiyamana wa Shiyamakum :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Why do you rub me up the wrong way?
Why do you say the things that you say?
Sometimes I wonder how we ever came to be
But without you I'm incomplete

(True Love - Pink)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

How To Save A Life

"How To Save A Life"

Step one – you say, "We need to talk."
He walks, you say, "Sit down. It's just a talk."
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
And you begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Let him know that you know best
'Cause after all you do know best
Try to slip past his defense
Without granting innocence
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things you've told him all along
Pray to God, he hears you
And I pray to God, he hears you

And where did I go wrong? I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

As he begins to raise his voice
You lower yours and grant him one last choice
Drive until you lose the road
Or break with the ones you've followed
He will do one of two things
He will admit to everything
Or he'll say he's just not the same
And you'll begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

How to save a life

How to save a life

Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life
How to save a life

How to save a life

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lost and Found

Find this song in Kak Uchie's Wedding video. It'salso  Grey's Anatomy soundtrack. Looooove!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Story of a Pair of Shoe

Just realised that I often took my feet's picture everywhere I'm on a trip. Different place needs different shoe, indeed.

Istana Pagaruyuang, West Sumatra, August 2012
It's GOSH flat shoes that I bought with my own money from internship. It has the most fav color combination: black, pale pink, and a bit of faded-pink

 Gauang, West Sumatera, August 2012
It's Bellagio loafer that i love so much because of its neutral colour.

Batu Malin Kundang Area, West Sumatera, August 2012
That GOSH again... same trip different day.

Kuta, Bali, March 2013
Bellagio studded shoes, i remember that day me and my family took a walk all along the Legian beach.

Bromo, East Java, May 2013
Went for a short holiday with bests, it's reebok running shoe. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What French Women Know

Finished reading this book. Okay so let's say this: I Looooove the content. Period.

Synopsis of this book is:
It's not the shoes, the scarves, or the lipstick that gives French women their allure. It's this: French women don't give a damn. They don't expect men to understand them. They don't care about being liked or being like everyone else. They accept the passage of time; celebrate the immediacy of pleasure; embrace ambiguity and imperfection; and prefer having a life to making a living.

Okay, so here's why i love this book (and you should love it too, girls!)

  • It's a Los Angeles Times bestseller.
  • The colour of the cover is really my type: black, grey, and pale pink. (yay!)
  • Who doesn't love brocade and luxurious European-like design?
  • In the end, the author Debra Olliver, presents a refreshing counterpoint to the tired love dogma of our times, offers realistics, liberating alternatives from the land that knows how to love- ay ay!

So, go read one and think like a French woman! Happy reading!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I was born in a caul, babe.

My family's eternal joke that often said towards me is: 'Dasar bayi bungkus!'
Wanna know the story behind it?

I was born on November 18th, 1990. My mother was alone when she delivered me because my father, who had been waiting all night long, went home for a sec. When she was giving birth to me, the doctor said 'Waduh, bayinya masih kebungkus' and because she's in pain and couldn't do anything, she didn't really pay attention to it. My mom doesn't know that it was a special case until she told me and i googled it.

So, baby who is born 'terbungkus' is called Intact sac phenomenon or born in caul.

Quoting some infos from here :

Caul atau cadar (Latin: Caput galeatum)Born in the caul adalah kondisi dimana seorang bayi lahir dengan kondisi selaput ketuban masih utuh menyeliputi kepala dan tubuhnya. Dan kondisi ini sangatlah jarang terjadi. Menurut referensi yang pernah saya baca hanya ada 1 di banding 80,000 kelahiran, bayi yang terlahir dalam kondisi iniNamun referensi lain menyatakan hanya 1 dibanding 1000 kelahiran, karena sebagian besar selaput ketuban robek secara spontan saat proses persalinan.Banyak yang percaya bahwa bayi yang lahir dalam kondisi seperti ini adalah bayi yang istimewa (dan saya pun termasuk orang yang mempercayai ini) dimana merupakan tanda bahwa bayi itu akan mempunyai kemampuan psikis, keberuntungan atau nasib yang khusus. Melalui beberapa penelitian yang dilakukan "jilbab" atau cauls, yang paling sering ditemukan pada bayi perempuan dan perempuan ini cenderung mempunyai psikis yang berbakat dan berbakat istimewa di bidang apapun.

...and thats how the story goes, everytime i get blown by some lucks, my family will always say: 'Dasar bayi bungkus!' :))

P.S: It's just for fun y'all know... don't take it (too) seriously :p

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ramadhan Kareem

Believers, fasting has been made mandatory for you as it was made mandatory for the people before you, so that you may have fear of God.
Al Baqarah: 183

It's Ramadhan again, yeay! It reminds me of last year's Ramadhan, first time ever doing fasting far away from home. Still remember my first sahoor when I took internship at Permata Hijau, Jakarta...

Time flies so fast.

On this episode of Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah my first suhoor and breakfast was done at home. My family starts the 1 Ramadhan on July 9th, just like Muhammadiyah does, while most of people do it on July 10th. But it's no probss, differences will always arise. The most important thing is the intention and aim inside our heart :)

Ramadhan, fasting, Iedul Fithr, have always been identical with togetherness.
Having suhoor , break fasting, and doing taraweh prayer together. I always love the ambience of Ramadhan month which is really really good and always makes me want to feel it again. When I was a young kid, though I still do the 'bedug' fasting, me and my friends used to wait for Maghrib by playing gobag sodor! hahaha

Then I grow older. Since I used to be surrounded by -/+ 10 people at home, it's kinda odd after my sisters got married, some of them went out of town for their study and there's (just) seven people remaining. Then I grow older again, and I became more often to go outside for having breakfasting with some friends.

When I was in elementary school: Once bukber at school, once bukber at pesantren kilat.
When I was in college: Once bukber with elementary friends, once bukber with Junior high school friends, once with senior high school friends, college friends, FFC, etc etc.
And the most fantastic record of no-having-breakfasting-at-home ever was last year haha yess because that was within the intern program. Not even a single day. Ha!
But I felt blessed back then, even though I was separated by some kilometres away from home, I still had been surrounded by lovely people. In my office, it was only five moslems who did the fasting. But their tolerance and understanding towards differences deserves two thumbs up! First day of Ramadhan, Sheilla and Liu reminded me to buy some meal for suhoor. And when the Maghrib time came, Koko and Cici there reminded me to order some meals to the OB or sometimes they even accompanied me  for having some meals outside the office. Alhamdulillah.

And here we go again, Ramadhan again... At home, safe and soundly with my parents. Several months ahead, they have to be ready to freed me to the real jungle, outside the town. Far away from them, move on from comfort zone, be 'KOKOH' and challenge the life *aih. Often suggest myself to 'cherish every moment' and yes... now I don't have to think about those complicated and uncertain things that could lead me to the paranoia and panic attack, I just have to enjoy this moment, this Ramadhan... Fokus beribadah. Banyak berdoa karena In Sha Allah ijabah. Dan memperbanyak amalan sunnah.

Ramadhan kareem, dear friends... Minal Aidzin wal faidzin, Mohon maaf lahir dan bathin. Semoga puasanya berkah :)

Monday, July 8, 2013


LIMBO means... Just cross-reffing the Macquarie Dictionary  as an alternative phrasing:

  1. a place to which persons or things are regarded as being relegated when cast aside, forgotten, past, or out of date.
  2. prison, jail, or confinement.
  3. -phrase- in limbo, in a situation characterised by uncertainty, as when waiting for a decision to be made.

Monday, June 24, 2013

What's Next?

Sepertinya manusia -khususnya yang belum pada settle- hampir semuanya adalah orang yang sensian.

Waktu masih kuliah :
'Gimana kuliahnya? IPKnya bagus kan?'

Waktu udah nyusun skripsi:
'Sampe bab berapa? Kapan lulus?'

Waktu udah lulus dan masih harus ke kampus :
'Ngapain di kampus?'

Waktu udah ga ada urusan dan belom kerja :
'Abis ini mau ke mana? Mau ngapain?'

...duh. Dan lucunya saya yang mengalami itu semua -dalam kurun waktu -/+ 8 bulan- dulu bisa dibilang paling 'anti' nyelesaiin atau ngelakuin sesuatu kalo belom tau apa yang harus dilakukan sesudah itu. 'What's next?' adalah yang paling sering saya tanyakan kepada diri sendiri setiap satu goal sudah terealisasikan.
Dan sekarang orang yang self-labelling blablabla diatas tiap hari kerjaannya ngecek beasiswa dan halaman job seeker. Agak mudah dibikin senang hanya dengan melihat tanggal entry portfolio yang belom lewat atau kalimat 'matched your expected salary' :)) Doakan yah. Yang terbaik buat saya dan keluarga, Bangsa Indonesia dan umat manusia.

So, what's next?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ten Magnificent Companion

If you could choose 10 person to be close with, whom will you choose? It's not like i disappointed with my besties or something but let's do it for fun!

If I could, I'll choose...

1. B. J. Habibie

Since I love love love to be surrounded with clever people, I'll choose Mr.Habibie because he look-a-like my father and also, I do admire him so muchhh.

2. Handoko H.

source: brandgardener

Mr.Handoko will be my discussion partner for Advertising issues, still!

3. Irwan Ahmett

source: goelsewhere

He will be my guru and teach me to think out of the box hahaha

4. Nadya Hutagalung

source: infospesial

Since i need to keep my body healthy and to maintain my prettiness (aih) I'd glad if i could be around her everyday... So she'll make some juice and food from organic products :p

5. Dian Pelangi

A really nice idol, so it'll be nice if she's one of my bestfriend haha. She's in charge of my outfit, like, everyday...?

6. Alanda Kariza

Same age with me, but Alanda has done so many things in her life and it'd be amazing if i could brainstorm with her everyday... my brain wouldn't be so dry. Haha. I really love smart people!

7. Diana Rikasari

Her creativity and way of thinking is really one of a kind... so I'll learn from her how to stand out and be my true self :D

8. Yoris Sebastian

Mr. Yoris and his creativity notes would pull out my creative sides to the maxxx!

9. Cristina Yang

source: fanpop

Thou she's a fictional character on Grey's Anatomy, but it'd be good if she's around me and take care of my health, do some cardio treatment (if it' necessary) and someone i could rely on. period.

10. Sudjiwo Tedjo

source: humorlintas

We still need some humour and laughs and a little giggle, but ever since the first rule to become my best friend is being clever and smart, I'll go for Mbah Sudjiwo Tedjo and his genius jokes. Yeehawww!

So, who's yours? Happy daydreaming!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Moonwalking With Einstein

pardon my super low resolution pic because I took it using photo booth :p

Finished reading this 'Moonwalking With Einstein' book yesterday! This book introduces me to genius, savant, and amazing mnemonist from around the world like Joshua Foer himself, Eward Coke, the prodigius savant Daniel Tammet, and last but not least, one that I admire so much, Laurence Kim Peek. Kim Peek has an amazing brain he could memorise everything that he read, but had troubles on his daily life so he always need his daddy, Fran Peek around. One quote from him that is so touching is... "My Daddy and I share the same shadow". He passed away several years ago...

A good and inspirational book. Happy reading! And "Don't forget to remember"!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


 Next plan awaiting. Bismillah... :)

Being a scholar, and everything in between

Alhamdulillahirrabbil 'alamin

I feel so happy i could say hi to you after such a long time, now especially after I became a S.I.Kom (Bachelor of Communication Science). Finally, after 3 years and 10 months struggled with the college life and became a student, the last 13th June i was officially graduated and now have a title, alongside with duties and rights that clinging on to it.

Being a scholar, for most of the people is something that they could be proud of, and that's exactly what happen to me. Being a scholar, for me, is like showing to the world that this is a 'manifestation' of every efforts i've done as a collegian, until in the end I met the scary thesis. The degree granted after my name is also a gift for people around me, whom without them i couldn't be me today. It's also a gift for my parents, who is constantly support me and do their best so I could give my best to the world.

I thought in the end after the graduation, all i would feel is joy, happiness, and relieve. But actually I also felt a glimpse of sad that came from nowhere. 13 morning when i was in the rector hall and saw my father sat in 2nd floor watching me, i suddenly remembered how he used to say he's proud of me back when i was a little kid, told him that i ranked first at school. Without a word, he said that I am his clever little daughter :') that picture i captured in my memory years ago is like a mantra that always makes me feel passionate to give him more. And then for my mother, my elder sisters. Along with this, i've showed you I could do it, and for my youngster Chacha and Fadel: I tell you, i warn you: you couldn't be less than me, less than this achievement i've made, because i set the standard.

The next one is for my best friends and friends. Just like what our rector said. 'No success is born from you alone, it's always a success from people around you'. To my bestie Memel and Tiko, thank you for making such a good and motivating environment for me. We've been through this together, and without the things you've given me, maybe i still couldn't reach this stage.

To Mejiku, BIGthink, and all of my close friends and inner circle, hundreds of posts won't be enough to show you all that i love you. Thanks for being there and always have my back. A super definition of friendship from you all :')

Not least, for my alma mater, UNS. Years of facing the thing i hate the most - bureaucracy- at the end i realise that all of these are necessary. To my beloved lecturer: Mam Tiwi, Mam Deedee, Mr.Risno, Mr.Eko, and so on: thank you so much for being my parents and also my role model. I hope i won't need any clear reasons to still be able to meet you and have a lil chit chat to you all one day :_) I was moved and feeling emotional when i sang 'Terimakasih UNS' with hundreds scholars and read the 'Prasetya Alumni'.

In the end… Every 'hello' will always lead us to 'Goodbye'. As we grow older, we become more familiar with farewell. Life and growing up is just a matter of move on from your comfort zone. Just like the greetings tiko wrote for me: Welcome to the jungle! Yes, my duties as a collegian has ended here, and by that i should adjust myself and start prepare for the next chapter of life.

And to my friends who's still on it: Like it or not, admit it or not. One day you'll miss your time as a collegian. Cherish every moment and stop complaining… make it a good and priceless memories.

Goodbye UNS, thanks for everything and everyone who has decorate this chapter of my life with the most beautiful decoration a girl could ever have.

Floreant Dendritae! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Went to see Mocca with my friend, Reza. It's an epic show I should state, they played 33 songs that night but it feels like the time flew so fast. Love it!

at the end of the show

Jatim Trip!

Went to Bromo - Batu - Malang with my bests Ium, Amal, Reza, Dian, and Nur!

 with Mocil the horse. I rode it by myself!

 at Batu Night Spectacular

 Jatim Park

 at Museum Satwa

Cafe Monopoly, Malang

It's an unforgettable 4-nights 3-days trip. Thank you best! see you again on the next destination :D

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Pardon me using my mix mix language on this post because I just want to write it on a simple and sincere way :)

Tania Ajani, S.I.Kom

Meraih pencapaian seperti yang saya lakukan baru-baru ini tidak mudah. Banyak sekali pengorbanan dan keputusan berat yang telah saya buat til i could reach the stage I am standing now. So please stop pointing fingers at me and saying 'You are so lucky' karena dibalik itu semua saya telah melalui banyak sekali hal dan pembuatan keputusan yang tidak mudah. Semua ini berangkat dari kerasnya saya kepada diri saya sendiri dan yang terpenting hubugan saya dengan Allah SWT yang InsyAllah akan seperti ini dan bertambah baik seiring saya bertambah tua.

Semua orang punya prioritas dan kepentingannya sendiri sendiri. Menjalani semuanya sesuai dengan keinginan diri sendiri dan menolak untuk menjadi sama dengan kebanyakan mungkin adalah cara terbaik menurut saya :)

-renungan siang

Friday, April 5, 2013

Baby Nazran

Today is Acha's birthday and also her youngest brother's birth day!
Welcoming my parent's sixth grandchild, Nazran <3

The youngest member of Ilyas family.

So happy and relieved the surgery went well for both the mom and son. Alhamdulillahirabbil'alamin...
And I should say  a lot of thanks to friends, even people on twitter who helped me on getting the blood for the transfusion. Jaakumullah khairan katseera :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Lip's Soulmate

In order to not be like me in term of choosing lipsticks, i present to y'all this post.

Let's say, i have more than ten lipsticks in a various colour: dark plum, nude, red, pink, terracotta, peach, etc and more than a half of it make me grumble 'what the heck i was thinking back then, this colour really doesn't suit me!!!' - yes I definitely need guide to choose the best colour for my skin tone. I did some research (no, basically i just google it) and find this, the best advice comes from Bobbi Brown:

"If I had to teach someone just one thing about lip color it would be this: Find a lipstick that looks good on your face when you are wearing absolutely no makeup." 

(Bobbi Brown, "Beauty")

Happy Hunting soulmate for your lips!

Beauty Review: Hada Labo

Welcome (again) to my beauty review post!
Now the product I'm going to review is... *drum rolls*

Hada Labo!

At first i was questioning 'what kind of product...' yess because i always use same products for over years (guess what I have such an amazing loyalty toward brand) and idk why I just want to try it.

I'm currently using the night cream and Skin Aqua. So the story began when i was shopping with my mom and we're at the make up section, i suddenly got attracted by some new product display and then the SPG came and the rest of story is so easy to guess (Every advertiser/ marketeer/ marcomm always try their hard not to fall for a sales promotion campaign. I'm one of them. Er, no?) because of her little speak-speak i finally purchased it.

Soo... first night i tried this product was 3 days ago, and in the morning my skin became more like shabby shabby marshmallow (a burnt marshmallow. If you know what i mean XD ) and it's super moisture! And i use the Skin Aqua for make up base before i apply bb cream, and it's quite good. I also use it on my palm. Overall this product is good. It accommodates the consumer's need: Whitening, moisturising, or anti-aging. Worth to try, and just see the results after a month!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Change Yourself

Changing Your Life is Hard.
Doing it by yourself is harder.

Those sentences will 'welcome' us when we enter the 43things site. I knew this site from Alanda Kariza's  Instagram account where she posted a picture, a screenshot from her phone and it appeared to be an email sent from 43things. Written in the email is her goal, and i realised that the site can reminds us about our goal in a particular time like once in a month, a year, or next year. I said to myself, 'I will definitely submit goals in this site!!!'

I'm that kind-of-person who have so many goals, dreams, resolution, bucket-list etc that is always been updated in some periodic time like New Year, New semester, or new week.

When it's new year = Okay let's make 2013 resolution!
When it's new semester = Okay let's make some goals! I should achieve something this semester!
When it's new week = let's see... let's write every possible schedule for a week. No plans yet? just fill it up... weekly planner is not that serious, y'all know...

...and turn out I am that kind-of person who have so many goals, dreams, resolution, bucket list etc who tends to just forget or break it. I made a list, yes. But it will end up to be just A LIST.
Even, most of time that list end up to be some kind of decoration in the wall, in my desk, and in my planner X)

Maybe there's a lot of people out there do and feel the same thing like me, and these problems are read by the people behind the 43things. Sometimes we already know what is should and must be done to be more productive, creative, and not go wasted. But sometimes we also need a reminder, that could help us and pull us back to the right path.

Here, 43things give us so many options like 'my resolution', 'what i'm doing', 'what i want' and 'what i've done'. As you all know that I've read Alanda Kariza's Dream Catcher and inside it there's a chapter talking about bucket list. Bucket list is like a list contains with many things we should really do before we die. And sir yess sir, I copy everything on my list to 43things. I need to be reminded often, so i set the reminder in 'once a month'.

Above all, I thank Allah that I finally realised that being reminded is important (as a human we're so easy to forget, most of the time) and Thank Allah there's such a site that can operates as a friend, boyfriend, or who else BUT never forget and tired of reminding us.

43things has became the site you should open and don't forget to make account! Plus, don't forget to search my account: taniailyas... Good luck changing youself, peeps!

note: Coincidence or what, my friends Hawin ask me about the meaning of 'La Petite Imparable' while I'm writing this post haha.  I guess all nocturnal person would agree that: this kinda hour is just the best time to write or read something.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I just looked at the old folder on my flash disk, titled 'Shooting' and it apparently contains photos when I shot with my colleague fellas for our task, around October 2012. And out of all my iPod is playing MIKA- Stardust. And I suddenly feel so sad...

You know some of us might claim other people as our best friend, besties, or whatever people call it. But have you ever found someone, several people who is really has this 'bond'? They entertain us, tease us, understand us, picking a fight with us, laugh at bad and rough jokes, become a brothers, sisters, take care of each other like a real siblings...

I miss them. Back when I had my internship in Jakarta. I had to live with Sasya, one girl who's more childish than me (hehe sorry Sya :p) and we survived on living together in a small room in our dorm house. Remind each other to do prayer, woke each other up for Sahur, bought some meals for break fasting, must ride busway to go to the malls, toke a walk to the office, and etc. I really appreciate that you want to share with me, back then Say :)

Then my other half-soul, Tiko and Memel also had their internship in Jakarta. They're on a same office in Cilandak. We met several times for break fasting. I even slept once at Tiko and Azal's, then once at Memel's house. But then Tiko had to leave Jakarta first because she only had the program for a month. I seldom met memel but we used to keep contact with each other through message and twitter and call. Tiko and Memel was on my #1 list people i talked to if I wanted to share some stories or had some problems.
My other boys, Jaja, Dian, Brian and Vandi was in Jakarta too. They often came visit me, then had break fasting together near my office, took a walk to see my office, took care of me when I was sick or miss my home so badly.

Then came BIGthink with the additional Momo, Mba Ayu, Ririn, Amal, Nur, Miwa, and Ium, plus Ichi Hanna. We did two projects for 6 months. The first project was done in Nur's home and the other was in mine. Everyday woke up seeing the same faces on such an ugly position, here and there on the second floor of my home. When the documentary has finished and my home became quite again, I got this sad feelings back.

Now that our time together at campus has ended, I hope that we still remember each other on good or bad times. We still remember each other even when we've succeeded in our own way. We still remember each other even when we live apart. We still remember each other even if we meet other people whom we called 'best friend'...

I love you guys, forever and always. Always be my stardust?

Funny How the time goes rushing by
And all the little things we leave behind
But even any other thing i do,
is a little bit of me, a little bit of you
When will I see you again?
MIKA- Stardust