Cold Lights

Back on blogging, back on writing. I assume that the more I blog, the more i stay creative and not having that dying brain creativity symptom and a day won't go wasted.

So, I'm working on my skripsi right now... Yes I am. And this is seriously no joke, the biggest enemy you could have on doing this is YOURSELF. I keep saying this. And i keep denying that i understand this. Haha. So wish me luck, okay?

Had an evening coffee break with Uni Manda and Chacha, but since i no longer drink coffee, i chose hazelnut chocolate instead. My allergic is getting worse every time I'm in Solo, but it gets A LOT better when I'm in Bali. I guess it's a sign for me to move there :D

Addicted to Black & White lately, ever since I have such green colour that i hate for my wall colour (don't ask me who chose it) hahaha

Turban: @WhatIWoreStuff
Glasses: PIM
Necklace: unbranded
Bracelet: Stradivarius


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