Dream Catcher

Just finished reading Dream Catcher by Alanda Kariza. Actually I've known that she wrote this book because I attend Akademi Berbagi's class with Alanda Kariza on 2012. And she's such an amazing girl, I like her so much and I even sat beside her hihihi.

This book probably change my whole entire mind about dreams. I read so many self-help and encouraging books but none of it really understandable, so-close, and applicable for my daily life and how I should stick and be focus on my dreams. And because this book, now I can proudly say that my dreams are:

Becoming the future Strategic Planner and Brand Consultant for Fashion Business 

There's a wish list that also make, like I want to take master degree in Queensland University of Technology (Master of Advertising or Mater of Business Administration- Integrated Marketing Communication) after I work on advertising agency in Jakarta. I want to backpack to SG or Malay, and etc.

Wish me luck, and happy catching your own dreams!

P.S : The Illustrations inside this book is one of my fave kinda drawings!


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