I just looked at the old folder on my flash disk, titled 'Shooting' and it apparently contains photos when I shot with my colleague fellas for our task, around October 2012. And out of all my iPod is playing MIKA- Stardust. And I suddenly feel so sad...

You know some of us might claim other people as our best friend, besties, or whatever people call it. But have you ever found someone, several people who is really has this 'bond'? They entertain us, tease us, understand us, picking a fight with us, laugh at bad and rough jokes, become a brothers, sisters, take care of each other like a real siblings...

I miss them. Back when I had my internship in Jakarta. I had to live with Sasya, one girl who's more childish than me (hehe sorry Sya :p) and we survived on living together in a small room in our dorm house. Remind each other to do prayer, woke each other up for Sahur, bought some meals for break fasting, must ride busway to go to the malls, toke a walk to the office, and etc. I really appreciate that you want to share with me, back then Say :)

Then my other half-soul, Tiko and Memel also had their internship in Jakarta. They're on a same office in Cilandak. We met several times for break fasting. I even slept once at Tiko and Azal's, then once at Memel's house. But then Tiko had to leave Jakarta first because she only had the program for a month. I seldom met memel but we used to keep contact with each other through message and twitter and call. Tiko and Memel was on my #1 list people i talked to if I wanted to share some stories or had some problems.
My other boys, Jaja, Dian, Brian and Vandi was in Jakarta too. They often came visit me, then had break fasting together near my office, took a walk to see my office, took care of me when I was sick or miss my home so badly.

Then came BIGthink with the additional Momo, Mba Ayu, Ririn, Amal, Nur, Miwa, and Ium, plus Ichi Hanna. We did two projects for 6 months. The first project was done in Nur's home and the other was in mine. Everyday woke up seeing the same faces on such an ugly position, here and there on the second floor of my home. When the documentary has finished and my home became quite again, I got this sad feelings back.

Now that our time together at campus has ended, I hope that we still remember each other on good or bad times. We still remember each other even when we've succeeded in our own way. We still remember each other even when we live apart. We still remember each other even if we meet other people whom we called 'best friend'...

I love you guys, forever and always. Always be my stardust?

Funny How the time goes rushing by
And all the little things we leave behind
But even any other thing i do,
is a little bit of me, a little bit of you
When will I see you again?
MIKA- Stardust


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