Beauty Review: Hada Labo

Welcome (again) to my beauty review post!
Now the product I'm going to review is... *drum rolls*

Hada Labo!

At first i was questioning 'what kind of product...' yess because i always use same products for over years (guess what I have such an amazing loyalty toward brand) and idk why I just want to try it.

I'm currently using the night cream and Skin Aqua. So the story began when i was shopping with my mom and we're at the make up section, i suddenly got attracted by some new product display and then the SPG came and the rest of story is so easy to guess (Every advertiser/ marketeer/ marcomm always try their hard not to fall for a sales promotion campaign. I'm one of them. Er, no?) because of her little speak-speak i finally purchased it.

Soo... first night i tried this product was 3 days ago, and in the morning my skin became more like shabby shabby marshmallow (a burnt marshmallow. If you know what i mean XD ) and it's super moisture! And i use the Skin Aqua for make up base before i apply bb cream, and it's quite good. I also use it on my palm. Overall this product is good. It accommodates the consumer's need: Whitening, moisturising, or anti-aging. Worth to try, and just see the results after a month!


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