Change Yourself

Changing Your Life is Hard.
Doing it by yourself is harder.

Those sentences will 'welcome' us when we enter the 43things site. I knew this site from Alanda Kariza's  Instagram account where she posted a picture, a screenshot from her phone and it appeared to be an email sent from 43things. Written in the email is her goal, and i realised that the site can reminds us about our goal in a particular time like once in a month, a year, or next year. I said to myself, 'I will definitely submit goals in this site!!!'

I'm that kind-of-person who have so many goals, dreams, resolution, bucket-list etc that is always been updated in some periodic time like New Year, New semester, or new week.

When it's new year = Okay let's make 2013 resolution!
When it's new semester = Okay let's make some goals! I should achieve something this semester!
When it's new week = let's see... let's write every possible schedule for a week. No plans yet? just fill it up... weekly planner is not that serious, y'all know...

...and turn out I am that kind-of person who have so many goals, dreams, resolution, bucket list etc who tends to just forget or break it. I made a list, yes. But it will end up to be just A LIST.
Even, most of time that list end up to be some kind of decoration in the wall, in my desk, and in my planner X)

Maybe there's a lot of people out there do and feel the same thing like me, and these problems are read by the people behind the 43things. Sometimes we already know what is should and must be done to be more productive, creative, and not go wasted. But sometimes we also need a reminder, that could help us and pull us back to the right path.

Here, 43things give us so many options like 'my resolution', 'what i'm doing', 'what i want' and 'what i've done'. As you all know that I've read Alanda Kariza's Dream Catcher and inside it there's a chapter talking about bucket list. Bucket list is like a list contains with many things we should really do before we die. And sir yess sir, I copy everything on my list to 43things. I need to be reminded often, so i set the reminder in 'once a month'.

Above all, I thank Allah that I finally realised that being reminded is important (as a human we're so easy to forget, most of the time) and Thank Allah there's such a site that can operates as a friend, boyfriend, or who else BUT never forget and tired of reminding us.

43things has became the site you should open and don't forget to make account! Plus, don't forget to search my account: taniailyas... Good luck changing youself, peeps!

note: Coincidence or what, my friends Hawin ask me about the meaning of 'La Petite Imparable' while I'm writing this post haha.  I guess all nocturnal person would agree that: this kinda hour is just the best time to write or read something.


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