Being a scholar, and everything in between

Alhamdulillahirrabbil 'alamin

I feel so happy i could say hi to you after such a long time, now especially after I became a S.I.Kom (Bachelor of Communication Science). Finally, after 3 years and 10 months struggled with the college life and became a student, the last 13th June i was officially graduated and now have a title, alongside with duties and rights that clinging on to it.

Being a scholar, for most of the people is something that they could be proud of, and that's exactly what happen to me. Being a scholar, for me, is like showing to the world that this is a 'manifestation' of every efforts i've done as a collegian, until in the end I met the scary thesis. The degree granted after my name is also a gift for people around me, whom without them i couldn't be me today. It's also a gift for my parents, who is constantly support me and do their best so I could give my best to the world.

I thought in the end after the graduation, all i would feel is joy, happiness, and relieve. But actually I also felt a glimpse of sad that came from nowhere. 13 morning when i was in the rector hall and saw my father sat in 2nd floor watching me, i suddenly remembered how he used to say he's proud of me back when i was a little kid, told him that i ranked first at school. Without a word, he said that I am his clever little daughter :') that picture i captured in my memory years ago is like a mantra that always makes me feel passionate to give him more. And then for my mother, my elder sisters. Along with this, i've showed you I could do it, and for my youngster Chacha and Fadel: I tell you, i warn you: you couldn't be less than me, less than this achievement i've made, because i set the standard.

The next one is for my best friends and friends. Just like what our rector said. 'No success is born from you alone, it's always a success from people around you'. To my bestie Memel and Tiko, thank you for making such a good and motivating environment for me. We've been through this together, and without the things you've given me, maybe i still couldn't reach this stage.

To Mejiku, BIGthink, and all of my close friends and inner circle, hundreds of posts won't be enough to show you all that i love you. Thanks for being there and always have my back. A super definition of friendship from you all :')

Not least, for my alma mater, UNS. Years of facing the thing i hate the most - bureaucracy- at the end i realise that all of these are necessary. To my beloved lecturer: Mam Tiwi, Mam Deedee, Mr.Risno, Mr.Eko, and so on: thank you so much for being my parents and also my role model. I hope i won't need any clear reasons to still be able to meet you and have a lil chit chat to you all one day :_) I was moved and feeling emotional when i sang 'Terimakasih UNS' with hundreds scholars and read the 'Prasetya Alumni'.

In the end… Every 'hello' will always lead us to 'Goodbye'. As we grow older, we become more familiar with farewell. Life and growing up is just a matter of move on from your comfort zone. Just like the greetings tiko wrote for me: Welcome to the jungle! Yes, my duties as a collegian has ended here, and by that i should adjust myself and start prepare for the next chapter of life.

And to my friends who's still on it: Like it or not, admit it or not. One day you'll miss your time as a collegian. Cherish every moment and stop complaining… make it a good and priceless memories.

Goodbye UNS, thanks for everything and everyone who has decorate this chapter of my life with the most beautiful decoration a girl could ever have.

Floreant Dendritae! 


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