Ten Magnificent Companion

If you could choose 10 person to be close with, whom will you choose? It's not like i disappointed with my besties or something but let's do it for fun!

If I could, I'll choose...

1. B. J. Habibie

Since I love love love to be surrounded with clever people, I'll choose Mr.Habibie because he look-a-like my father and also, I do admire him so muchhh.

2. Handoko H.

source: brandgardener

Mr.Handoko will be my discussion partner for Advertising issues, still!

3. Irwan Ahmett

source: goelsewhere

He will be my guru and teach me to think out of the box hahaha

4. Nadya Hutagalung

source: infospesial

Since i need to keep my body healthy and to maintain my prettiness (aih) I'd glad if i could be around her everyday... So she'll make some juice and food from organic products :p

5. Dian Pelangi

A really nice idol, so it'll be nice if she's one of my bestfriend haha. She's in charge of my outfit, like, everyday...?

6. Alanda Kariza

Same age with me, but Alanda has done so many things in her life and it'd be amazing if i could brainstorm with her everyday... my brain wouldn't be so dry. Haha. I really love smart people!

7. Diana Rikasari

Her creativity and way of thinking is really one of a kind... so I'll learn from her how to stand out and be my true self :D

8. Yoris Sebastian

Mr. Yoris and his creativity notes would pull out my creative sides to the maxxx!

9. Cristina Yang

source: fanpop

Thou she's a fictional character on Grey's Anatomy, but it'd be good if she's around me and take care of my health, do some cardio treatment (if it' necessary) and someone i could rely on. period.

10. Sudjiwo Tedjo

source: humorlintas

We still need some humour and laughs and a little giggle, but ever since the first rule to become my best friend is being clever and smart, I'll go for Mbah Sudjiwo Tedjo and his genius jokes. Yeehawww!

So, who's yours? Happy daydreaming!


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