Ramadhan Kareem

Believers, fasting has been made mandatory for you as it was made mandatory for the people before you, so that you may have fear of God.
Al Baqarah: 183

It's Ramadhan again, yeay! It reminds me of last year's Ramadhan, first time ever doing fasting far away from home. Still remember my first sahoor when I took internship at Permata Hijau, Jakarta...

Time flies so fast.

On this episode of Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah my first suhoor and breakfast was done at home. My family starts the 1 Ramadhan on July 9th, just like Muhammadiyah does, while most of people do it on July 10th. But it's no probss, differences will always arise. The most important thing is the intention and aim inside our heart :)

Ramadhan, fasting, Iedul Fithr, have always been identical with togetherness.
Having suhoor , break fasting, and doing taraweh prayer together. I always love the ambience of Ramadhan month which is really really good and always makes me want to feel it again. When I was a young kid, though I still do the 'bedug' fasting, me and my friends used to wait for Maghrib by playing gobag sodor! hahaha

Then I grow older. Since I used to be surrounded by -/+ 10 people at home, it's kinda odd after my sisters got married, some of them went out of town for their study and there's (just) seven people remaining. Then I grow older again, and I became more often to go outside for having breakfasting with some friends.

When I was in elementary school: Once bukber at school, once bukber at pesantren kilat.
When I was in college: Once bukber with elementary friends, once bukber with Junior high school friends, once with senior high school friends, college friends, FFC, etc etc.
And the most fantastic record of no-having-breakfasting-at-home ever was last year haha yess because that was within the intern program. Not even a single day. Ha!
But I felt blessed back then, even though I was separated by some kilometres away from home, I still had been surrounded by lovely people. In my office, it was only five moslems who did the fasting. But their tolerance and understanding towards differences deserves two thumbs up! First day of Ramadhan, Sheilla and Liu reminded me to buy some meal for suhoor. And when the Maghrib time came, Koko and Cici there reminded me to order some meals to the OB or sometimes they even accompanied me  for having some meals outside the office. Alhamdulillah.

And here we go again, Ramadhan again... At home, safe and soundly with my parents. Several months ahead, they have to be ready to freed me to the real jungle, outside the town. Far away from them, move on from comfort zone, be 'KOKOH' and challenge the life *aih. Often suggest myself to 'cherish every moment' and yes... now I don't have to think about those complicated and uncertain things that could lead me to the paranoia and panic attack, I just have to enjoy this moment, this Ramadhan... Fokus beribadah. Banyak berdoa karena In Sha Allah ijabah. Dan memperbanyak amalan sunnah.

Ramadhan kareem, dear friends... Minal Aidzin wal faidzin, Mohon maaf lahir dan bathin. Semoga puasanya berkah :)


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