The Story of a Pair of Shoe

Just realised that I often took my feet's picture everywhere I'm on a trip. Different place needs different shoe, indeed.

Istana Pagaruyuang, West Sumatra, August 2012
It's GOSH flat shoes that I bought with my own money from internship. It has the most fav color combination: black, pale pink, and a bit of faded-pink

 Gauang, West Sumatera, August 2012
It's Bellagio loafer that i love so much because of its neutral colour.

Batu Malin Kundang Area, West Sumatera, August 2012
That GOSH again... same trip different day.

Kuta, Bali, March 2013
Bellagio studded shoes, i remember that day me and my family took a walk all along the Legian beach.

Bromo, East Java, May 2013
Went for a short holiday with bests, it's reebok running shoe. 


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