What French Women Know

Finished reading this book. Okay so let's say this: I Looooove the content. Period.

Synopsis of this book is:
It's not the shoes, the scarves, or the lipstick that gives French women their allure. It's this: French women don't give a damn. They don't expect men to understand them. They don't care about being liked or being like everyone else. They accept the passage of time; celebrate the immediacy of pleasure; embrace ambiguity and imperfection; and prefer having a life to making a living.

Okay, so here's why i love this book (and you should love it too, girls!)

  • It's a Los Angeles Times bestseller.
  • The colour of the cover is really my type: black, grey, and pale pink. (yay!)
  • Who doesn't love brocade and luxurious European-like design?
  • In the end, the author Debra Olliver, presents a refreshing counterpoint to the tired love dogma of our times, offers realistics, liberating alternatives from the land that knows how to love- ay ay!

So, go read one and think like a French woman! Happy reading!


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