Thursday, August 15, 2013

A peach flavoured Bubblegum

Long holiday! 100% long, and gabut, and unproductive... Have I tell you that i finally made decision to take the international program at ESMOD Jakarta? Yes, it's not like i do it only for my parents, no... Being a collegian at ESMOD used to be my #1 dream after I graduated from SHS. I take the Fashion Business Program, not the fashion design program because i think it's more relevant with my communication theories (you know, branding, positioning, advertising etc etc)

It's only 2 weeks remaining. At some point I can wait to start my class, live in the capital city again, and meet new friends and new environment. But on the other side i also feel sad leaving Solo and my home, parents, family, friends, and of course my boyfriend...... but again and again, i must grow up.

To all of you who'll start a new chapter in your life: BE OPTIMIST! All is well... may the force be with you all :*

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Hi dolls how's your Eid Ul Fithr holiday?
Mine, if i could say, was Fantastic.

So D+2 my father decided to drove us to Purbalingga where my Pa Tuo, Pa Angah, and Pa Etek live. With no plan (as usual) we brought 3 pairs of clothes and the trip started! We follow the route that  HN gave to us, and because Purbalingga is after Banjarnegara (where HN comes from) so my family decided to stop by at Banjar and went to his home hhahaa...

Imagine how it turned out to be :D

Friday, August 9, 2013

EID MUBARAK, dolls! Taqabalallahu Minnaa wa Minkum, Shiyamana wa Shiyamakum :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Why do you rub me up the wrong way?
Why do you say the things that you say?
Sometimes I wonder how we ever came to be
But without you I'm incomplete

(True Love - Pink)