A peach flavoured Bubblegum

Long holiday! 100% long, and gabut, and unproductive... Have I tell you that i finally made decision to take the international program at ESMOD Jakarta? Yes, it's not like i do it only for my parents, no... Being a collegian at ESMOD used to be my #1 dream after I graduated from SHS. I take the Fashion Business Program, not the fashion design program because i think it's more relevant with my communication theories (you know, branding, positioning, advertising etc etc)

It's only 2 weeks remaining. At some point I can wait to start my class, live in the capital city again, and meet new friends and new environment. But on the other side i also feel sad leaving Solo and my home, parents, family, friends, and of course my boyfriend...... but again and again, i must grow up.

To all of you who'll start a new chapter in your life: BE OPTIMIST! All is well... may the force be with you all :*


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