I hate you then, I love you now

First time i entered the fashion business class on ESMOD i never thought my writing skills will be this useful.

I wasnt really interested to attend journalistic class, at 5th to 7th semester on my previous college. My writing skills- that i think is a so-so skill- has became the main requirement and it shocked me, because i think the fashion industry is all about the visual thingy. You don't need words because picture tells everything.

I was wrong.

Started with my Fashion Design subject, while my teacher, Miss Jesse, gave us some projects. These projects related to Fashion color theory, Fashion Development Phenomena, And Fashion Trend Analysis. From all the projects i need to do some research according to theme i chose. I need to make some edito - it's like the editorial on magazines - that contains the introduction of the current trend, the future trend prediction and so on.

These all make me realise that no matter what business you are on, what subject you're taking, what will you be in the future, you always need these three things:
 Quoting what Mrs.Deedee always says: "He/she who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any how"- yes, always have reason! The more strong your reason and purpose is, the more it's hard for people to tear you up - or bring you down.
 Knowing your purposes or ideas without knowing how to deliver it to people is, i must say, useless. You should be able to communicate it in so many ways, so in the end they'll understand. On my case it showed on how i write the edito about my collection plan- if me myself can't say it on words, how come others will understand it when they see it without me?
 Reading everything- magazines, books, tabloids, newspapers, read everything you can read! Because of course it could add some reference for your knowledge, vocabularies, and even the slang language... depends on what media and audience you use to deliver your message.

Never thought that i will love writing like this! Considering how i hate it back then hahaha...

In the end, eat and vomit your brainfood, make love and give birth your brainchild, Floreant Dendritae!


  1. Just come in here and really love this post <3, keep inspiring. I rarely enjoy the post without photos but here, I really enjoy


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