My First Love at The First Sight

My Father is a hero.

He is my ultimate source of spirit, inspiration, and my biggest role model ever.
I rarely kiss him, considering how 'cold' my dad can be when it comes to his grown up daughter... I hardly remember the last time my father hugged me or kissed me. Meeeh.

This is really not a post about my sadness. This post is dedicated to man of my life, and to express how grateful I am having him as my father. My Dad. My Papa, My Mas Asrul. I have joined him on our factory for a month and I am so so getting a struck seeing my father's masterpiece here and there in every corner of this lovely building. I see a fabric and I see his hard work. I see a pattern and I see his dedication. I see everything and his magic touch is everywhere.

I love you so much, pap. I love you even more when you're angry.
(That explain where the gene of being petulant inherited from :p)

I promise you this one thing: I will try my best to be a daughter you could proud of.

Left: My 'tools'. Right: My Father's tools. 
Alat boleh lama, semangat pantang kalah. 'Cuma menang pengalaman, kata beliau merendah.'

Asrul Ilyas,

You're My First Love at The First Sight.


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