A New Same Clothes

Recently I read all news and articles in Line Today on my phone. It is because I no longer watch television and only reading the newspaper in the morning won't help me catch up with recent news.

I read this article yesterday,  about why successful people like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg always wear same clothes everyday - Jobs with his black long sleeved turtle neck and Zuckerberg with his gray T Shirt. It makes me realise a thing about minimalism: It really does you good.

I'll try sum it up for you. First, it saves you a lot of time. Us women (mostly) tend to spend a lot of time choosing clothes from our wardrobe. Not to mention what bag and shoes will match with today's colour scheme and a total look should be O K A Y. Fewer decisions, less time consuming, all will leads us to better decisions on things that really matters.

Second, clearly it will be less stressed. Most of the time we complain about how do we have so limited options when there are a lot of clothes on our wardrobe. When trying to match it wont help, you throw everything out and ended up having a pile of clean clothes on your bed. When you're in a hurry, it will cause more stress (especially if you have that d*mn OCD like me, honestly I CANT leave my room when it's not tidy!).

Third, It will save a lot energy for the rest of the day. I'll be happy if I start my day on a good shape, feeling content and all set. That's clearly without the wardrobe drama. Last but not least, it will be iconic. Same (-or should I say similar?) clothes will be your signature style. I dont know how to explain it but for me, I can easily pick a clothes with a certain design that my mom would love, or the black/ grey/ navy loose top that my sister will never resist. Signture style will make you feel confident cuz that makes you: Y O U.

So today when I have to buy some new clothes (err, by 'have to' i mean 'want to') I really just look for a front-buttoned loose shirt (ah yes, must be nursing and breastfeeding-friendly) in neutral colour. because I like it this way. I like it in minimalist way.

Bother to try?


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