Putting Her Online

Some of my friends ask me why should I put stickers on my baby's pictures? They think it's because I want Alyaka to look cute with the decorations on (in fact she doesn't even need one - She's cute! All mums think their child is cute aw)

That is because, honestly, me and husb have agreed that we don't want to put her online in such an early age. I basically don't feel comfortable on showing her face in my instagram account or elsewhere via social media, where people can easily use its content for various purposes... with or without responsibility. Before she was born, me and husb had decided to put her online only under several conditions - like hiding her face behind stickers etc- before she's big enough to decide whether she wants her face on the internet or not. We don't want her to have a 'data-rich', enduring and potentially problematic online profile. It may sounds like a paranoia but who knows what the future will be? This generation of kids is the first one in human history to have their lives shared in a public forum and easily accessible as the internet without their permission. If putting her on risk because we did it for apparent joy, we choose not to. The uncertainty and uncontrollable of what future will be scares us and we think it's just not worth the try.

Besides, we asked ourself this question: "What type of information would children want to see about themselves online at a later date?"

But it's all back to our own choice... it's really your own rights to do it or not. Kid hasn't been able to choose what data about them that is accessible later, so it's up to their parents to make the call. To put your kid online with or without certain condition is totally your choice :)


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