Apple & Date Juice for Me & My Baby

What's better than having a shared foods with the little one? Plus, it's a healthy a- GO!

Yesterday my mom just came back from Mecca and Medina for umrah and she bought a lot of delicious dates. I instantly want to make something for Alyaka and here it is...

Apple & Date Juice

- Put the dates and apple to juicer, add some water.
- Pour the juice to bowl, then I add chunky cocoa banana granola from Singabera
- Add chia seeds
- Add a small amount of Virgin Coconut Oil from Organic Supply
- Ready to eat!

Surprisingly Alyaka liked it so much! She can't even wait for me to feed her she grab the spoon by herself X) We finish this big bowl only in 10 minutes... And it tastes really gewd, sweet even without any sugar added and of course it's healthy.

By the way I've been using this VCO for various purposes and I kinda like the result... First I drink a spoonful of it in the morning after breakfast for supplement. I use it as a make up remover and thou I kinda dislike the greasy feeling at first but it leaves me with a nourished feeling skin. Lastly I use it as a deodorant at home and I like it. (I know what you'll be thinking - Really?? But yeah it is what it is)

I've read that many wellness practitioner also love coconut oil and now I understand WHY. It's definitely a life saver.

Any suggestion on new blog about wellness? Let me know!

Have a good day all :)



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