VCO & Sweet Almond Oil

I've been using this Virgin Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil from Organicsupply for the past months... And I really like it! Some of my close person probably know that i recently be a sucker for anything organic, natural and herbal. I am trying my best to reduce the usage of chemical products on daily basis so I am rooting for the natural remedies right now. Hopefully forever.

First I will talk about the VCO.
As written on the back of the bottle, Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera) has wonderful antioxidant properties that protect the skin from free radical damages. I use it for various purposes:

- As oil base, diluted with essential oils
I bought daily oils from Young Living last week and tried some of the oil, I'll probably write a blog about it later. Sooo they sell the v6 oil which is a base oil for diluting but if you don't have any, you can use coconut oil like me.

- As a food supplement
In the morning after having my breakfast, I drink one spoonful of VCO continued with a glass of warm mineral water. I first think it tasted weird but then i started to think it taste like a coconut biscuit hahaha. I also add it on smoothies, juice, and in my granola.

- As an eye make up remover
After removing my eye make up with L'Oreal Micellar water, I usually use VCO to finish the removal because it does work magically! Plus it's totally safe for your eye. But I won't recommend it if you hate a greasy feeling on your skin/ eye area.

...And then the Sweet Almond Oil
Proceed with cautions if you have nuts allergy. Sweet Almond Oil is perfect for nourishing and reviving any skin type. It has a quick absorption and is good for massaging.
I use it for:

- Body Lotion
After bath, I pour a little drops on my palm and start using it to my whole body, especially parts that tends to dry like knee, elbow, etc.

- Eye Cream
I once read that we have to take care of our eye and prevent it from having wrinkle by the age of 25s, so I finally start to apply Almond Oil on my eyes. I dip my three fingers on the oil and gently massage my eye area: under eyes, outer corners, eyelids. When I wake up the next morning I feel that my skin is nourishes and healthy.

After almost 2 months of using it, I started to feel the benefits. My skin, surprisingly, has become more moisture. I put on sheer makeup because I don't have to hide many flaws (plus the make up stays longer than usual).

I hope it makes me become more healthy, and of course, happy!


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