Baby Steps to Sustainability

I can not say that I'm totally devoted to sustainability of this planet since I still do a lot of things that is contrary to the belief. But slow but sure, I try to take baby steps in order to collaborate with people who care and conscious.

1. I reduce the usage of plastic bags. When I go shopping I bring my own bag (even when today I went to buy a cabbage I refused the plastic bag and the cashier was like 'Why?' and I put it on my baby's diaper bag LOL)
2. I turn off the aircon at night
3. I use towel instead of tissues
4. I unplugged cords when I leave the room
5. I eat a lot of veggies (for those who's wandering why is it related to the planet can start google about carbon footprints) but still can not ban meat on my menu. Maybe soon, or maybe never.
6. I say no to brochures, receipt (unless it's important) and any other form of information that i could access online instead of hard copy.

Wish me luck! (+consistent)


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